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Most of the memories I had about my hometown are those from my young idyllic days. I remeber well those days when school days were so tiring and the only thing that made my day would be nothing more than the delicious treat that my mom used to make. Whether it was homemade or store-bought from some random corner of a street, those childhood treats are imprinted in my memories as reminders of my wonderful family and most of all my hometown.


But there's one cold harsh truth: we all have to grow up one way or another, and the pressures of adulthood might always try to bring us down and try to take away the smile on our face. That being said, I still believe, like how the birds have to leave their nest and find their own horizon yet never forget to long for their home or to put in another way - the love of their family, we all hold our home dearly in our heart no matter where we are.

Everyday, countless pressures are weighing us down, I understand this so well,  not to mention the fear of the pandemic is still somewhere creeping, my longing for my home, for my childhood days does not cease but on the contrary getting stronger than ever.

That being said, I wanted something from my homeland. Something that reminds me of home more than anything, something that can make me smile every single time, just like how my mother used to make me.

And more than anything, me and my companions wish to share the pride and speciality of Vietnamese cuisine with the world. A big dream that we strive for at the end of the day is that our Vietnamese products being placed on top shelves of the largest supermarket chains in the world. And that's how Jelly Bird makes our way in the European and Australian markets.

To get to this day, with lots of sweat and tears, Jelly Bird is finally home. Coming back to our homeland Vietnam does not mean we are giving up on our dream of reaching out to the world but just a step of turning one of our dreams into  reality: the dream of bringing the top quality products with a unique fragrance yet familiar taste - delicious and extremely good for health back to its motherland, where it all started.

To me personally, Jelly Bird is more than just any jelly, it represents so many things in life. It is the perfect blend of sweat and effort, love and nostalgia, and most importantly, a beautiful piece of memory that all Vietnamese, me included, will always remember about our childhood and youth.

A delightful gift to rekindle the bright and innocent smile of the child within everyone of us!

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